Gluten Free Scotch (or American) Pancakes

Wednesday, 25 November 2009
I just made some yummy pancakes for my brunch. This is my third go at making these and this time I think I have cracked it! Quite easy, just make sure you get your pan right and these will come out fluffy and golden. Sometimes in the UK these are called griddle cakes.

doves farm gluten free self raising flour 200gms sifted
runny honey 2tbsp (or caster sugar)
butter 2tbsp melted
salt a pinch
large free range egg 1 whisked
milk 300ml

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk up by hand or with an electric whisk. The texture should be gloopy and your whisk should leave temporary swirly patterns in the batter. This should be much thicker than a french style crepe mix. Leave the mix to stand for 10 minutes.

Now heat up a NON STICK frying pan, don't even try these in a normal pan. Heat the pan slowly to a nice even medium heat and rub a little sunflower oil into the pan with a bit of kitchen towel, we are talking just a smear of oil here to coat the pan.

Using a ladle or a big spoon blob a little of the mixture in the pan, about a dessert spoon, it will spread slowly, aim for pancakes about the size of the bottom of a mug, don't go to big. You will get two or three in your pan without touching if you get good at the pouring out of the batter. They will end up about 5mm thick if you have your batter thick enough, if they are coming out of the pan too thin add more flour to your mix. Never press them down as they cook or you will squish the bubbles.

You can tell when its time to flip, with a spatula, as large bubbles will appear in the surface of the pancake and they will start to pop. This will take about 3 minutes. Also the uncooked batter on the top will start to loose its glossy look and go matt, starting at the edges. Flip carefully with a spatula, no crazy pancake tossing with two or three of these in the pan please!

The second side will only take you a minute or two, and you can take a peek at the bottom to check its golden brown. Don't despair if the first one goes wrong, it always does for me, and the last ones you make will be the best, that's just the way it goes with pancakes.

If you pile these up as you go they will stay warm to bring to the table, or just eat as they are made, which is how we had them as kids. Mum would keep making them until we stopped eating them.

I like mine with butter and jam, or runny honey, maple syrup, even bacon like they do in the USA. I do like to have butter and something sweet though, as I like the salt and sweet contrast. If you are feeling healthy why not have these with fruit and low fat yogurt, and just a drizzle of honey? You can also press fruit into the pancakes as you make them, a slice of banana or a few blueberries looks lovely.

If you make this batter without the honey it makes perfect blinis too for cocktail time.
Kiddies love these, and you can use a pastry cutter to cut into stars and funny shapes to add interest if you like, or if you are very clever you can drizzle the mix into the pan with a chefs squirty bottle, and make any shape you like right there in the pan!


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  3. Hi.I was "googling" for a GOOD american pancake recipe tonight. I run into your blog. I am so glad I did. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It is the best ever easy cheap pancake ever! I used only half of the amount of sugar as it seemed too much, and yes the result was truly scrumptious. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! I tried it out this morning and the pancakes were amazing. I'm Scottish and I never thought I was going to be able to eat a real pancake again (crepes are nice, but they are not the pancakes from my childhood). These were perfect!


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