Costa Coffee - Gluten Free Chicken and Basil Salad Wrap Review

Thursday, 15 May 2014

I love a bit of lounging around in a coffee shop, they are an ideal location for meeting other mums with kids, or for just hanging around in with my four year old. Informal seating and a bit of music to drown out the kiddy noises means we can relax and enjoy five minutes of calm.

But normally in a coffee shop I have to grab a packet of crisps and try not to look at the tempting gluten filled cakes on offer, and I don't even attempt a glance at the sandwiches. Sure, there will be a sad looking boxed salad, but I don't want to faff with that while my family are eating some sort of delicious panini dripping with cheese and an almond croissant.

But these days are no more! This weekend we popped into Costa Coffee in Trinity Leeds, grabbed a good spot with two sofas, and I had a lovely gluten free feast with my family.

Costa have brought out a Gluten Free Chicken and Basil Salad Wrap which uses Newburn Bakehouse's rather nice seeded gluten free wrap, and is licensed by Coeliac UK. The wrap was squishy and soft, the filling was lovely and not too salty (I find coffee shop sarnis normally way too salty for my taste), and there were actually four of these wraps ready and waiting in the sandwich chiller. They are priced at £3.75, the same sort of price as the other sandwiches too, which is refreshing, and the wrap is also dairy free.

Not only did I demolish a whole chicken wrap, I also got my hands on a gluten free chocolate brownie and two wee little gluten free cherry bakewells, which I shared of course. The brownie was squishy and yummy, and the bakewells were very nice too. My husband was more than willing to taste test the brownie and bakewells, even though he is a gluten eater, and didn't say no to second helpings which is always a good sign.

Overall I had a lovely gluten free lunch, with no worries about what I was going to eat, sat on a nice squishy sofa with my husband, while my little boy assembled some Lego we had bought that day.

Well done Costa for developing a gluten free savory offering I really enjoyed, the wrap is a great addition to their gluten free sweet things.


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